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In October of last year we welcomed Joseph Harper to the Parliament Tattoo family. Relatively new to the industry then, Joe has since built up a customer base and is defining his own style, and has really become part of the furniture here! We asked Joe a bit about how he got into tattooing…

PT: What got you into tattooing?

JH: I got into tattooing when I was dabbling with the idea of getting my first tattoo, admittedly I knew very little about the world of tattoos before this step but was shown the work of GoksIsDead who was just starting out at the time and his work blew my tiny little mind. It inspired me to pick up a pencil again (something I hadn’t done for a few years) and start drawing some tattoo flash. Needless to say I was awful but after putting a few designs together and presenting them to Goks I managed to get my foot into the door at the studio he was working in at that time. From there he taught me how to construct tattoos, opened my eyes to various tattoo artists and a range of tattoo styles. That’s where the interest started but having the freedom to illustrate my own or someone else’s idea and turn that into a tattoo is what really pulled me in.

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PT: Where does your inspiration come from?

JH: I pull inspiration from lots of sources whether it be films, tv, video games, certain periods in time, architecture or nature. I feel that I have a broad interest in subject matter and really enjoy researching and applying that to design work. In terms of tattoo inspiration GoksIsDead, Scott Move and Philip Yarnell to name a few, all of whom I’ve followed the work of since my interest in tattooing begun have been constant reminders (whether they knew it or not) of what makes a good tattoo.

PT: What’s your fave tattoo so far / ideal tattoo?

JH: One of my favourite tattoo’s was the shark from Jaws running the length of a calf. A nice sized great white to get stuck into, I can’t think of many things I’d prefer to tattoo, as long as it came from my head and not up from beneath me in the ocean, I could deal with sharks all day.

PT: How are you enjoying Parliament Tattoo Studio?

JH: The studio is awesome, everyone here has been really welcoming and friendly. It’s an amazing place to work, paint and hang out. I’m working with some truly amazing artist and I feel super lucky and fortunate to be a part of that.

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Check out Joesph’s work on his Instagram @harpertattoo and for any enquiries please contact him on

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